Choosing Construction Companies: General Contractor or Builder?

When it comes to building a home of your own, there is no time better than now. In more ways than one, your home is one of the most important investments you can make. Not only is it bound to exponentially increase in value in the coming years, but it also gives you piece of mind knowing that you have something to call your own.

As you go along with the process, there are actually a number of things that you need to consider. In particular, you have to understand the difference between making use of a custom home builder and a general contractor. After all, like with any other investments, you have to be smart in the way you spend money.

What’s the Difference between a General Contractor and a Builder?

First of all, prospective clients need to have a full grasp of the difference between these two types. While they are both in the same industry, there are subtle differences between them. That being said let us put the matter in more concrete terms. Presented below is a quick guide to understanding how these companies work.

  • General Contractor – The way General Contractors work is that they organize the logistics behind the different aspects of the project. They oversee the whole construction yet they are not doing the work themselves. Instead, they bring in experts and subcontractors specializing in a particular trade. So, for example, let’s say you’re building a house in Charlotte, NC. A general contractor might bring in a local roofer, a Charlotte window replacement company, a deck builder, a plumber, and a whole host of other people to collaborate on a project. They do this throughout the different stages until the job is completed. They get profit from adding an additional charge for every finished subcontract.
  • Builders – This is the type of Construction Company that builds the project from the ground up, they do the whole housing project by themselves. They have their own crew who are more than capable of doing all jobs required in any home construction project.

There are also instances wherein subcontractors are brought in for parts of the job requiring special licenses such as plumbing and electrical works. However, unlike with General Contractors, they will not levy a separate charge for that. Additionally, since they will be in charge of the project all throughout, you will only have to deal with the one firm for the entire duration of the project.

Level of Involvement

When comparing these two types of construction companies, you also need to understand their level of involvement. While some of it has already been mentioned, it should be noted that the General Contractors are generally more detached from the project whereas the builders will be deeply involved the whole time.

For instance, during the earlier stages of planning, the builders will be there with you planning out the specifics. You will not get this from a General Contractor and you will most likely have to hire a separate architect before anything else.

Knowing the difference between these two types is crucial. Whichever option you decide to go with, keep in mind that client-contractor relationship is vital. This goes both ways, communication is vital to the success of your project.


Choosing a Construction Company

If you are considering building a new home for your family and yourself, then now is a perfect time. The housing market is at a stage of recovery. Any real estate investments you put in now is set to increase its value exponentially in the coming years.

With that in mind, you have to make sure that you choose the best people for the job. The task at hand, then, is finding the right construction company to do it for you. This article should help you do just that. It provides readers some important tips that will help you hire the right firm.

Important Considerations

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when looking for a good construction company. From track record to budget and punctuality, all of these things must be met. You should also look at the particular services they offer to see if they are equipped to give you what you need.

That being said, it would be best if your firm acts as a one-stop service for you, handling all the necessary aspects of the project, from start through finish. This includes obtaining the necessary permits to get the build started and overseeing and managing the different phases the building project.

This means that the contractor should also work well with your designers and architects. They should also be responsible for hiring and supervising reliable subcontractors. More importantly, they should give you a concrete idea of the state of the project by scheduling inspections and examinations. All of these things ensure that they are willing and able to deliver on the requirements of the project on the specified deadline.

The Importance of Finding the Right Company

Many prospective homeowners struggle with the process of finding the right company that they just end up settling for mediocrity. However, that would be a grave mistake. The house you are building is more than just a structure. It is an investment in your family’s future. By neglecting the important aspects of the search procedure, you are effectively putting yourself and others at risk.

On top of that, there is also the financial aspect that you need to consider. After all, it is your finances we are talking about here. Readers need to understand that troubles often start because of haphazard work which is precisely what you get from a construction company not fit for the job. For instance, an inexperienced contractor may misuse the materials, drastically increasing the costs of construction. It is also not unheard of for some structures to be especially vulnerable to natural calamities like earthquakes and hurricanes because they do not follow the proper environmental standard.

Choosing the right construction company is one of the most important things you can do. It will definitely have an impact on the final result. There are so many things happening during a project and they need to keep track of it all. As this article presented, your contractor not only needs to be competent, they also have to be collaborative.


Finding the Right Contractor: A Sample Review

Finding the right contractor can be a real daunting task. Needless to say, it entails a certain degree of commitment and diligence on your part. There are actually many ways to do this, however, one of the best ways to approach it would be by asking a contractor for a sample review.

This review should help you get a more concrete idea on what to expect from a particular firm. This should reflect feedback from their past developers, architects, subcontractors, and clients. It should reflect the following information.

  • Past Projects – It should give you an idea on the type of work they have done in the past. After all, you need to know whether or not they have done projects similar to yours, and if they can do it well.
  • Professionalism – Obviously, the contractor and the client should have a good relationship. There needs to be an open line of communication, and both parties must be aware of the current state of the project. This should be one of the things you should look into.

A sample review is an indispensable part of the whole process, so don’t forget to ask for one.